BREAKING: Biden Declares WAR – Nation Stunned

According to several figures who have been tracking the past 100 days of Biden’s presidency, President Joe Biden has declared war on American small businesses.

Small businesses that survived the Covid-19 lockdowns now have to contend with a hostile administration. To make matters worse, Biden recently announced plans for a massive tax increase that will slam small businesses.

Small businesses are responsible for two-thirds of new job creation in the economy, and without them, the job market is dominated by large multi-natural corporations.

Nicole Wolter, president and CEO of HM Manufacturing Company, said that “When you’re talking about raising the corporate tax to just this astronomical number, it is only going to worse than for small business,” Wolter said. “I just don’t understand why we are constantly at war with small businesses, you know, they never go after the fortune 500 corporations.”

President Biden and the Democrat Party have once again shown that they have no interest in actually going after large corporations. Without opposition from Republicans, Biden would crush small businesses.

Former President Trump warned that Biden would be terrible for business, and that warning has aged well. Biden has over three years of his term left, and it is looking like the war on small businesses will be a long grinding affair, and it will cost many Americans their livelihoods.

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18 Responses

    1. Not soon enough!!!!!!!!! (He does not have an sense of Business; only what he can get from other countries; by threats, as in the case of Urkrane, when he threatened them NOT to give them “OUR”, 2 Billion, if they didn’t fired the Investigator. What a crook!!!!!! AND he thought he was so smart; say, “And S– of a B—-, they did!!!” He should have been procescuted at that time!!!)

  1. How about the idiot that wrote this article. In the fourth sentence, He or she wrote ” the job market is dominated by large multi-NATURAL corporations” Really?

  2. face even Biden voter are having buyer’s remorse. all due because of hatred for trump. hope all liberals/democrats/leftist, are happy. Biden 47 yes in government accompanied nothing I expect the same for next 3 + years.
    this administration should go down in history as biden/Pelosi lying administration

    1. I wonder how many of the Biden supporters now; think he is still so “grand & wonderful”. Are their brains so brainwashed and warped, they are willing to let this country be destroyed, by the idiots they voted for & illegally were elected? God help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am an 85 year old 3 times Honorably Discharged American Veteran and have NO USE for the modern Democratic Party and I never will.
    Ban,Control and Take Away are their mantras just like the old Communists.

  4. Biden could care less what happens to small business as long as he gets his naps & plays video games he is all set!! Wish the Republicans would actually come together & impeach Biden/Harris/Pelosi, there is more than enough against them to do this but with Romney, Cheney & the rest of the turn coast unless they decide to work for the American people?????

  5. They are destroying our country! We the people have the right to overthrow the government!!!!!! There are over 300 million Americans in our country and it’s time to take back what the dems stole from over 80 million and I say even more than that. Trump won the election and the truth is coming out. This is God’s country! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  8. I really worry about the United States of America
    being run by a goober who can’t even find his damn
    face mask without help!!!!!!

  9. Why are ‘We the people’ going to demand this half brained idiot needs to be declared unfit for office and remove his stupid mentally challenged guy from office.

  10. Our ‘president’ should never have been put in office. He is the front man for all the liberal garbage destroying America. I sure hope those who voted for this joker are happy.

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