BREAKING: Biden Declared ‘Not Safe’ – Nation Stunned

Former Vice President Joe Biden was just declared “not safe” by a high-ranking official. Millions of Americans across the nation are stunned this news — and now Biden cannot ignore the truth any longer. He is finished.

“We want safety and security for the American people. And, quite frankly, your jobs aren’t safe, your families aren’t safe, and your American way of life is not safe with Joe Biden in the White House,” said a top White House official.

But that isn’t all Hogan Gidley, the White House’s deputy press secretary, said on Fox Business Network this week — zeroing in on Biden’s terrible economic record and connection to the policies of the Obama administration.

“And you don’t have to guess what a Joe Biden economy would look like,” said Gidley to host Maria Bartiromo. “We have already seen it for eight years: depressed wages, jobs leaving this country going to other nations.”

This is exactly the message that needs to be pushed from now until Election Day on November 3: Electing Biden would be another four years of Obama, and our country cannot afford to suffer the consequences of going backward.

Before the COVID-19 crisis hit, the U.S. economy was firing on all cylinders and enjoyed an extremely low unemployment rate. Working with Republicans in Congress, Trump is “going to rebuild it again,” said Gidley.

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