BREAKING: Biden Declared GUILTY – Democrats Are In Chaos

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) told Sean Hannity on Thursday that he was sure President Joe Biden was violating federal law by overcrowding migrant detention facilities.

“What’s going on really is outrageous because what the Biden administration is doing … [is] they are flooding all of these facilities with far more people than what is allowed under federal law,” Abbott said.

In addition, Abbott said, the Midland facility lacked safety fencing and running water, and 10% of the migrant children being housed there tested positive for COVID-19, which is far above the community average right now.

Abbott told Hannity that when his group was flying over the border Thursday in broad daylight, they saw “busloads after busloads after busloads” of illegal immigrants that had just crossed the border, which was very unusual during the day.

This crisis just seems to be getting worse by the day.

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11 Responses

  1. When trump was doing the same thing, the daily on slaught by the main stream news media was continous, now we have Democrats in and hardly a word on the national level. Shows what they are does it not? Far left idiots for sure and double speak apparently rules the day nowadays.

  2. Joe Biden needs to be put totally out of our government because he has broken the laws of this country and he is lying about which even makes it much worse. This is really a crime to the American people and our country.

  3. These are a bunch of sick people ruining our country, abusing children and treating them like animals! I don’t understand how they can continue to get away with these kinds of things. If this would’ve been Donald Trump they would’ve impeached him the first week that he was in office! They probably would’ve tried to put him in jail as well.
    Two-faced liars, double standards, criminal tactics, traitors to America and freedom!

  4. Joe Biden is destroying America & should be removed from the presidency. He should have never been seated there to begin with, because we all know he did not legally win the election. We need a total wipe out of The House, Senate, Supreme Court and the White House. It is pure evil & needs to be cleared out & started all over again with God loving Americans that knows what American standards & values are all about & knows our Constitution. God Bless America. We also need to get rid of the Main stream media they are our biggest enemy.

  5. Give 3 kids to each liberal that voted for bozo Biden.
    That will relieve over 100 million kids .
    They shouldn’t have a problem with that since they are so good hearted.
    Surprised the libtards didn’t think of that their self.

  6. People wake up!!! Biden and his degenerates are doing this purposely so the UN goons will be called in to brutalize us and treat the invaders with kid gloves.

  7. The democrats , because of a fetid hatred,
    elected a corrupt, demented, pervert to
    be our president, and leader of the free
    world. They have no sense of morality, just blind hatred!!
    And obviously no love of country!!

  8. Mr Biden you had better think twice no thrice before you give the Palestinians any money. Genesis 12:3 is serious words. Be careful who you go up against. If you want to get right with GOD almighty, rethink what you are about to do with those $125,000,000. You will not only hurt yourself but your entire administration. Remember the Egyptian Pharoah lesson. Do not bring it upon you.

  9. Their man purpose: 1. Every person crossing into the U.S., at biden’s invite, is a FUTURE VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS…2. Get as many people as possible to be dependent ‘on the government’, making the country a ‘one party system’, aka COMMUNISM: they KNOW what they are doing, just like they KNOW there was rampant fraud in the election: ALL PLANNED!

  10. From what I have read in the comments, it is pretty clear that the
    Americans know exactly what is going on. I’m glad, because obviously
    when they voted they didn’t seem to know too much. Now they are woke
    up. It may be too late though. Hopefully not too late to take our country
    back. Get rid of all the people that managed to get into our government
    that should have not been allowed to vote much less run for office.
    These people are from countries where they didn’t have freedom and they came here to change ours to look like the one they left behind. Does that make sense.?? Or is all part of a bigger plan ?? It’s time we start following our Constitution , it had all the protection against enemies . We are not
    following it and it has really finished ruining our government. True, it was already not doing well. We have got to get the people who have been in
    Congress for too many years , OUT! THEY HAVE OVERSTAYED AND ARE
    NOT WORKING ON OUR BEHALF only for themselves. President Trump
    was really getting our country back in good shape, how quickly Biden dicided that instead of continuing the good work.. he was going to tear it
    all down. He has not done ONE SINGLE GOOD THING… quite the contrary. He has ruined many a good thing we had going .

  11. Joe Biden & Harris are totally committing abuse of power, unfit for office with a crisis that they started neither one of them is doing anything, their only excuse is it’s Trumps fault, just shows they do not know what the HE__ their doing & need to be impeached NOW!!! How much more must WE THE PEOPLE PUT UP WITH!!!

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