BREAKING: Biden Debate REVERSAL – He’s Not Able To…

The news just dropped about a Joe Biden ‘reversal’ on the upcoming presidential debates. According to reports, he is not able to hack it. His campaign is completely terrified.

Responding to reports that some Democrats think Biden should skip the debates altogether, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said it’s because “he can’t defend his record.”

“If this race becomes about Joe Biden, he knows he loses,” she said. “People around him know he loses. He is a failed career politician that has moved so far to the left that he is out of touch with America.”

Sanders continued by noting that this is exactly why Biden’s handlers have “kept him in the basement bunker” and out of the public eye. He makes a fool of himself every time he pokes his head out.

But the American people won’t allow Biden to skate into the presidency without being properly vetted. Should he decide to take this terrible advice, results at the ballot box in November will be especially unkind.

Voters must demand that Biden debate President Donald Trump face-to-face on the issues facing our country. Of course, Trump will be re-elected in this scenario as well; he has proven himself.

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