BREAKING: Biden Debate REVERSAL – He Isn’t Going To…

Former Bill Clinton adviser Joe Lockhart told presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden that he should not under any circumstances debate President Donald Trump prior to the November election.

Lockhart’s stated reason for the advice is that Trump has supposedly made 20,000 misstatements and that Biden will be constantly needing to correct him.

“I don’t think he should give him that platform,” Lockhart said of the debates.

But here’s the thing: if Trump is really that much of a liar, the majority of the American people would see through it and it would hurt Trump more than it would help him. Biden would look like the better person for being more truthful.

If Biden is too afraid to debate Trump, it’s because he knows that Democrats and the media are losing their grip on the truth, and that Trump is nowhere near the liar the press make him out to be. He knows the American people will see this, and he (Biden) will come out looking worse for the wear in any debate scenario at this point.

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