BREAKING: Biden Debate Bombshell – It’s Not Happening

Democrat candidate Joe Biden got some bad news as a poll released on Friday shows that the race is swinging in favor of President Trump following Tuesday’s debate in Cleveland.

The first national poll to be released after the debate, conducted by Investors Business Daily/TIPP, shows President Trump has cut Biden’s lead down to just 2.6% with a little over a month to go to the election.

The poll shows a three-point gain for President Trump despite the declarations from the left that the debate was a disaster for President Trump. While polls hold little value, for President Trump to be gaining so much on Biden certainly means something.

Investors Business Daily’s Jed Graham said, “Biden leads President Trump, 48.6% to 45.9%,” IBD’s Jed Graham wrote. “Another 1.5% say they’ll vote for another candidate, while 4% are not sure who they’ll support. Biden holds a 48%-38.5% lead among likely independent voters and 92%-4% among Democrats. Trump leads 93%-5.5% among Republicans.”

With a 4% group of undecided voters still out there, it is shaping up to be a close race. However, what these polls miss is the location of these voters.

President Trump doesn’t need to win the popular vote to win the election. He just needs the right amount of voters spread out over enough electoral votes to stay in office for another four years.

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