BREAKING: Biden Death Announcement Stuns America

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s immigration policies are harming the immigrants they claim to be helping, while claiming they are more compassionate than the Trump administration on the issue.

“I’m tired of the radical left — of Democrats, including those in the White House, right now — walking around patting themselves on the back for how compassionate they are when, in fact, they are endangering the lives of the immigrants who they are enticing to come here through their false promises,” Roy told Jerome Hudson on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Roy pointed out that people were being enticed to send their children to the U.S. border with sex traffickers or cartel members, and many were being abused and trafficked along the way.

“I’m just sick and tired of [Democrats] trying to claim the high road, that they’re somehow for brown people or for helping people,” he said. “They call me a bigot because I want a secure border, when a secure border is decidedly pro-America, pro-Constitution, but also decidedly pro-immigrant.”

He accused Biden of ignoring the problem, and Hudson agreed, adding, “There are mass graves near Texas, right now, today, and those graves are filled with the bodies of people who died trying to make it to the border.”

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10 Responses

  1. Clueless Lyin Biden just a PUPPET OF THE DNC – he knows nothing just nods his head – sign executive orders & plays video games – hard to believe how much damage he’s done in a month – wonder is our country will survive😢😢😢😢😢

  2. He is still hiding because he has no ideas of his own, except how can he get more money for himself! who is the puppet master? He/she has to arrested for this disgusting sham against the American people!

  3. This is a huge problem. The left are incapable of seeing beyond their small minds and simple minded ideology. By enticing these uneducated people to migrate illegally, they are creating a very high possible danger for them. They can’t see what they are doing because of their racist, self serving blinders.

  4. Some old republicans are to be blamed for allowing democrats for not honoring the Constitution. This goes back to decades. The elections were stolen because Republicans were not tought protecting the electoral laws in each state. That’s why we have a president who is an illegal one and leading the country to comunism and letting illegals die while entering to USA. Biden is a criminal as well as many democrats and the liberal media.

    1. True, and they have to be paying off Judges and Attorneys as well as other politicians and interests groups, because sadly, that’s what the People’s COVID MONEY IS FUNDING!

  5. The liberal politicians talk a big game of their concern about Covid-19. They don’t seem to care about Covid or the other diseases that have been crossing the Southern Border. Biden, and the rest of the liberals still want our southern border open so undocumented aliens can enter. Pushing open borders and harboring illegals, also allows gangs and criminals to come and go as they please who may also bring in drugs.

    It also opens a “Pandora’s Box” on health. Undocumented aliens, allowed to enter unchecked, could also bring, who knows what, major diseases into this country. For decades, undocumented aliens have been coming over our southern border every day by the hundreds. They bring with them diseases like small pox, tuberculous, measles, whooping cough, mumps, bubonic plague and scarlet fever. Diseases that had been all but eradicated. Now they are making an alarming comeback. Where is the concern of our politicians about that?

    All Biden and the rest of the liberal politicians seem to care about is increasing their voter base. Do they really care about the safety, health and well being of the people they were elected to represent? It seems to me that they are highly self centered and greedy and only care about staying in power. To do that, they seem more than willing to gamble with our lives. I wonder if they really care about the people who keep sending them to Washington? If they did, why didn’t they support Trump’s effort to keep our borders secure and keep unwanted diseases out? WAKE UP AMERICA!

  6. If the Dems keep pushing their marxist agenda to destroy our country, we will have no choice but to rise up against this communist regime and declare civil war. It’s coming, It’s inevitable. That’s why the Dems are bent on disarming us and enforcing gun control. Gun sales are thru the roof and ammo as well. Theirs a huge army that’s armed in the side lines just waiting if things don’t change. The Dems are proving that they don’t give a hoot about the safety and well being of America or their citizens. They only care about power and no matter how they achieve it….they don’t care…….

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