BREAKING: Biden COVID Announcement – Nation Shocked

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just issued a COVID announcement and the nation is shocked. Millions of Americans across the country can’t believe the news. This is stunning.

According to a report by Fox News, Biden’s campaign is keeping the 77-year-old career politician “as isolated as possible during his travels” and using several safety measures at all times when around people.

Among other measures, the campaign is “making sure his planes and cars are scrubbed and disinfected before he enters, microphones wiped in advance, and event attendees kept in place using markers to maintain distance.”

This also explains part of the reason why Biden was stashed away “in his basement” (as Trump likes to say) during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic — they didn’t want to risk Biden’s health at all.

But let’s be honest: His campaign also wanted him to steer clear of the press and essentially be a phantom candidate for weeks. Their strategy was to ‘lay low’ and let the media attack Trump.

Now, given Biden’s advanced aged, his campaign is having to essentially keep him in a bubble — yet somehow the Democratic Party thinks he’s fit to be president. Voters will choose Trump by a wide margin in November.

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