BREAKING: Biden Confirms Worst Fears – He Wants ALL The Money

President Joe Biden’s administration is making it clear what their goal is for American’s future. They want their money. All of it.

How else would you explain the execution of a $1.9 trillion bill paid for with taxpayer’s dollars only to be followed up with an announcement that they want to do it again?

The truth is that leftist Democrats see your money as their money. They think it’s on loan to you as long as you support them and their power and their agenda.

Biden’s plan will include “$4 trillion in new spending and $3 trillion in tax increases,” according to a Breitbart News report.

The White House Economic Council is “worried” about the increase in spending. What geniuses.

“The large gap between spending and revenue would widen the deficit by such a large degree that it could risk triggering a spike in interest rates, which could in turn cause federal debt payments to skyrocket,” noted the report.

But far be it from the Democrats to spend less of your money. As long as you have it, they want to spend it. But it’s for your own good, so be a good follower and pay up.

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5 Responses

  1. How would it be if every last taxpayer AND business refuses to pay ANY of their taxes till Beijing biden is GONE – -put out to pasture permanently. IRS would be powerless to even begin to apprehend everyone and there aren’t enough prisons to hold all of US.

  2. 1st of all I think the presidential election was fraud. Joe Biden has not accomplished anything for 47 years. So why in hell was he even thought of to run for President. It’s the democrats. I would not consider him for much anything to put him a supervisory position. Why, why I ask has the demorats put him in as a president of our nation.

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