BREAKING: Biden Confirms Surrender – Taliban Gets Everything They Want…

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) tweeted Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s “surrender to the Taliban is now complete,” after Biden said he would stick to an unrealistic August 31 deadline for complete troop withdrawal in the face of Taliban threats of “consequences” unless he did so.

“Biden’s surrender to the Taliban is now complete,” Gingrich said. “He will leave Afghanistan on the Taliban time table even if it leaves Americans and allies stranded in the country.”

Gingrich condemned Biden for his actions in the strongest possible terms for even considering leaving Americans that could number thousands behind, trapped in the now-hostile country.

“His humiliation and failure is now complete. Worst moral collapse by an American President in our history,” Gingrich concluded.

And no doubt, history will judge Biden quite harshly if he leaves Americans behind and they die at the hands of the Taliban.

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10 Responses

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  2. It’s already gotten worse by the loss of Marines in a land that Biden has bowed to, at the cost of more lives and no doubt the worse is yet to come. ISIS-K doesn’t play by any rules, other than knowing they have an enemy at their Mercy and will take advantage of it. Bozo Biden strikes again!

  3. Biden and his administration are a bunch of cowards !!! America has a blemish that won’t be easy to erase !!! This coward has been in politics, reaped rewards, and all for nothing but his pocketbook !!! Americans you had better stand up or be known as the cowards that are in the world’s eye !!! Such a disgrace to the real American people !!! Yes, I’m retired military and happy to say that our leadership was for the country – NOT COWARDS !!!

  4. Stop this madness and stupid Biden surrender. Warn the Taliban that we are taking our people out if they continue the killing and other actions including threats we will kill every last one your murdering thugs and all of the munitions, vehicles and other equipment will be destroyed with your people in them.

  5. Biden no question is the dumbest idiot in the US- he belongs in a mental institution in a padded cell, his ill- begotten fraud money should be taken and given to the remaining family of killed soldiers and people in the hands of the Taliban he didn’t protect. I hope history gets it right- worst illegally elected president of all time.

  6. I like the IDEA of bringing the supreme Commander up on DERILICTION of DUTY or what ever charges pertinent for his COMPLETE FAILURE to protect America, Americans, the MILITARY and LOSS of the Millions of Dollars of Equipment. No one should be ALLOWED to get Away with This. Especially after he was warned. To much Cellar Time, Delaware, and Camp David. We should include his Cabinet, Staff and FASCIST Leaders, who Orchestrated this FIASCO

  7. Senile, mentally and unfit lying corrupt, dementia Joe is totally responsible for the lost of those Marines that were killed in that attack and for the Americans that are left behind in what’s now enemy territory. Now the Taliban has billions of military hardware to use against surrounding nations and more importantly against this country. China has had two meetings with the Taliban since July. So now China, Russia will all join forces together and we might prepare for another 9/11. I wonder if that was China Joe’s intention all along. He will go down in history as the worse president ever causing the most damage to this country and Afghanistan as well. Creepy Joe has been in office 8 months an has managed to destroy this country and Afghanistan. He and his administration should all be forced to resign in shame and disgrace.

  8. Its so sad this is happening and so close the 9-11
    Get our people and military out and than go in and bomb all of the equipment and etc biden left behind to the taliban and isis!!!

  9. Biden is simply continuing to govern in the manner of left wing politicians. Everything they touch turns to crap.

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