BREAKING: Biden Confirms He’s Stopping – It’s Over, Nation Stunned

President Biden confirmed that the administration has caved to Iran and will lift certain sanctions to try and get Iran to recommit to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the State Department, said on Thursday that the Biden administration “will need to lift” sanctions implemented by former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s handling of Iran has been abysmal so far. Former President Trump forced Iran into a corner; Biden has let them out and allowed them to dictate terms.

Biden isn’t just caving in to pressure from Iran, but also pressure from China. China has been working with Iran to get the United States to lift sanctions.

Americans shouldn’t be surprised by Biden’s weakness when it comes to Iran. Biden served as Vice President under former President Obama, who engineered the 2015 nuclear deal that completely failed to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Biden was never going to stand up to Iran and China, and Trump tried to warn Americans. Now Biden sits in the Oval Office, and Iran will likely be free of sanctions and free to pursue their nuclear ambitions.

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10 Responses

  1. Crazy, traitor Joe you are weak and stupid. Iran will not in any fashion come around. They know you don’t have the balls.

  2. With all the stupid, unconstitutional and illegal crap that biden has pulled, why ins’t he being impeached along with Kamala.?

  3. Biden you are the weakest president in history you have no backbone or bal—I don’t consider you a man wimpy wimpy…..

  4. Biden is a traitor and needs to be tried and convicted of treason. Where are the men in the GOP? Vote RINOS out, ASAP

  5. biden needs to go impeach him throw him in prison and the other democlowns we need our President to lead our country PRESIDRNT TRUMP because we don’t have a president right now our country is on auto pilot with no leader

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