BREAKING: Biden Caught In Middle Of Russian War Bombshell – GOP Reveals Truth…

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) went on Fox New’s “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo,” and revealed that President Biden “bears a lot of the blame” for Russia mobilizing thousands of troops to their border with Ukraine.

Ukraine is on the verge of war with Russia, and the path that got us here is clear for all to see.

Senator Cotton said, “Why is it that now he’s put more than a hundred thousand troops on the border, and there I think President Biden bears a lot of the blame. For a year, he has been appeasing Vladimir Putin. He gave him a very one-sided nuclear arms control treaty the very first month of his presidency. He removed his sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, which his own party opposed. He really did nothing about the Colonial Pipeline hack, and then in August, Vladimir Putin let the rest of the world see Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan.”

Russia is poised to invade and occupy Ukraine and it all began the day President Joe Biden stepped into office. The consequences of the Afghanistan disaster have been far-reaching and Senator Cotton is right to point out how our weakness in Afghanistan emboldened Putin.

Senator Cotton continued saying, “It’s very dangerous when you allow our adversaries like Russia, China and Iran to try to upend the status quo, and all we do is have strongly worded to speeches or some mealymouthed sanctions. So if Vladimir Putin can get away with this in Ukraine,0 what does that say to Xi Jinping about what he can do in Taiwan.”

President Biden has turned into Jimmy Carter 2.0, and our allies will pay the price alongside the Americans that are caught in the crossfire of the conflicts that Biden has created.

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