BREAKING: Biden Caught In Illegal Conspiracy – Evidence Overwhelming…

According to a shocking new report, Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security had prior knowledge that Biden’s ‘sanctuary’ orders would set free dangerous criminal aliens.

And President Biden then did it anyway putting American lives at risk.

According to Breitbart News, “President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was fully aware that their ‘sanctuary country’ orders would likely free criminal illegal aliens into the United States but issued the orders anyway, new internal records detail.”

Via Breitbart:

The records, obtained by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) thanks to his and Montana’s lawsuit against the Biden administration, reveal top DHS officials understood criminal illegal aliens would likely secure release into the U.S. if they implemented the orders.

Those orders, issued in February, prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from arresting and deporting illegal aliens unless they are terrorists, known gang members, or have been recently convicted of an aggravated felony. Analysis suggests the orders are preventing about 9-in-10 deportations.

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11 Responses

    1. Well the difference is that Donald Trump would have never done that to America….he loves America!!

  1. I will sue Biden personally if one illegal hurts my family because we cant defend our self from them pepper bellies

  2. Come on you state governors. Refuse to have the illegals sent to your state. You have the jurisdiction to do it. Do not allow the Covid to take hold again because of the illegals that have the virus.

  3. The corruption in our country is a disgrace. It is time for the Republicans and for some of the spineless Democrats to start impeachment against Biden ,Harris and Pelosi .They are traitors to our country and to the Americans , The lies and deceit has to end . If our elected officials won’t do it than we the people need to see how we start an impeachment against these traitors .

  4. Not only are some of these people violent felons, some are also positive for Covid. Are Americans now expendable? Are we just collateral damage? This whole situation makes me sick.

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