BREAKING: Biden Can’t Continue – Forced To Abandon Plan…

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said he will not visit Kenosha, Wisconsin where riots have broken out after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and he thinks President Donald Trump’s planned visit Tuesday could “backfire” on him politically.

After the first night of riots where many buildings were burned, Biden made a statement calling the shooting systemic racism and failing to condemn the riots. Biden only condemned the riots after two more nights, and under political pressure from his supporters to do so.

Even so, Biden said Saturday that he would “never” use the National Guard against rioters.

In response, Trump’s campaign slammed him for his failure to denounce the rioters.

“For three months, Joe Biden remained silent on the rampant violence and destruction overtaking Democrat-run cities, where Biden’s allies have rejected federal assistance and ordered local police to let rioters run wild,” a statement from the campaign read. “Biden’s campaign even helped bail accused violent criminals out of jail, including a murderer, a rapist, and a rioter who shot at police. It’s obvious that law-abiding Americans will be on their own if Biden and his allies are elected in November. You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

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