BREAKING: Biden Campaign IMPLODES – It’s Not Going To Happen…

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is not doing his campaign any favors with his bizarre gaffes. Democrats may have to give up on their wishes of removing President Trump from the White House in November.

Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL) said on Thursday that, “I can’t believe the Democrats are going to go to Biden on the ballot. When the President says Joe has lost his fastball, he’s not exaggerating … I like Joe Biden, but this guy that’s on the campaign trail now is not all there. Age is going to get all of us one day, but it has gotten him.”

Despite the best efforts by Biden’s managers, his limited appearances have yielded a blooper reel of embarrassing gaffes.

The 78-year-old Democrat is losing awareness of his surroundings and his mental health seems to be seriously declining.

Representative Rogers continued, “I personally think you’re going to see a similar result to what we saw in 2016. I believe that Trump voters are still solidly behind him. I think that they can’t wait to vote him and shock the world the same way they did last time — and they aren’t talking to pollsters.”

This November will be a pivotal point for the nation and the results could be explosive. If President Trump wins again, it is likely there will be extensive unrest.

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