BREAKING: Biden Campaign Gets Bad News – Betrayal Devastates…

A new opinion piece by Keith Naughton postulates that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s political allies will end up sinking his campaign.

The danger, according to Naughton, is “competing demands” and “jockeying for influence” by different political factions that often lose sight of the need to eventually win the majority of votes.

When these factions “focus narrowly on their own demands,” they risk alienating others and losing the majority in the process. Previous presidents either had charisma or a forceful personality that could bring the factions together in a coalition.

China could be a problem for Biden because of his friendliness with the Communist nation. Biden also tends to agree with and placate whoever he is with at the time.

Another big area of contention is the economy, where Biden already polls weakly and has to navigate competing priorities of different groups of Democrats. When it comes right down to it, though, voters are going to look carefully at whether they think Biden will be better than the other guy–and Democrats will probably not have too difficult of a time answering that one.

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