BREAKING: Biden Busted Hiding Evidence – Dems Reeling

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has been busted hiding evidence after denying sexual assault allegations from former staffer Tara Reade.

Republican National Committee Rapid Response Director Steve Guest said, “Not only did Biden say his documents held at the University of Delaware “weren’t supposed to be revealed,” (which is a lie) Biden admitted that he doesn’t want those records to see the light of day because they could be used against him or reveal what he said to Putin.”

Joe Biden’s interview with MSNBC raised more questions than it answered. Biden’s comments about Putin were especially bizarre.

Democrats worried about beating President Trump in November, this is far from reassuring. Biden’s campaign is beset by questions and he is doing a terrible job of clearing the air.

Biden’s sexual assault allegations have also denied Democrats the ability to attack President Trump over his own allegations that he has faced.

Now Biden hiding his Senate records is just more bad looks for a campaign that needs good news.

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