BREAKING: Biden BUSTED – He Isn’t What He Said

President Joe Biden ran a campaign purporting to be devoted to America and the policies that would advance the nation.

But alas, Biden’s first few days in office have revealed something much more sinister, according to Republican Representative. Louie Gomert.

“The president can talk about unity, but right off the bat, he goes and by executive order, gets rid of the Keystone Pipeline project, he rejoins the Paris Climate Accord, he tries to double the minimum wage,” said Gomert noting that Biden’s first actions were highly controversial and not at all targeted at bringing Americans together.

“These are issues that Republicans have fought for because Republicans have been focused on the economy. And on the first day in the first hour of the job, he does all of this without consulting with Republicans, without committee hearings, and he spooks the private sector at a time when we’re trying to get Americans back to work,” said Gomert.

Then Gomert dropped a bombshell. He explained how Biden’s policies actually put “America last:”

It just looks to me like it’s an American last policy. An American first policy, which is what I believe a majority of Americans in both parties want, it would focus on getting people back to work, it would focus on getting kids back in school, it would focus on vaccine distribution. These are issues that unify Americans. If the president was sincere in his speech, he would try to focus on issues that unify, not divide. And to begin with, his very first bill that he sent to Congress — it’s a bill to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants here in the United States. There’s not a more divisive issue in Congress than amnesty.

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