BREAKING: Biden Buried Evidence – Secret Files Now Located

Members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff reportedly accessed archived Senate files to see whether they contained any complaints from accuser Tara Reade, and are now refusing to release what they found.

The records were accessed in March 2019 and have not been accessed by anyone since the University of Delaware shut down in Mid-March of this year because of the pandemic.

In April of 2019, the university decided to keep the archives sealed until December 2019 or two years after Biden retired from public life, instead of their previous plan to release the records two years after he left office.

Reade said she thinks there are records of complaints she made against Biden back in 1993 when the alleged sexual assault against Reade would have taken place.

Biden’s then-chief of staff Ted Kaufman took notes during a meeting Reade had with him about the harassment, she said.

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