BREAKING: Biden Blows It – Huge Border Hole Exposed

President Joe Biden is “intent on destroying the progress that President Trump made in restoring the rule of law in immigration,” according to a report from Kris Kobach at Breitbart News.

Kobach argues the one-two punch of Biden’s executive orders and additional administrative policies will be worse on American immigration than President Obama’s DACA interns of illegal aliens allowed to stay in the United States.

Specifically Kobach noted Biden terminated Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy:

The “Remain in Mexico” policy established by the Trump Administration forced asylum applicants to wait in Mexico for their future asylum hearing in an American immigration court. This was a crucial reform, because the asylum system has been completely overloaded for several years now. Instead of waiting months for a hearing, migrants now wait years—in some cases, as long as five years.

Biden followed up that change with a new guidelines that “dramatically restrict ICE’s ability to deport illegal aliens.”

Under the new guidelines, it will be extraordinarily difficult for ICE officers to remove anyone who is not convicted of an aggravated felony, a member of a gang, or a terrorist. Recent border crossers are also removable, but they can skate free by merely claiming asylum. The bottom line is that ICE officers will be effectively hand-cuffed to their desks; and the number of deportations will plummet.

Biden is proving that he is not America first. He is not for the rule of law. And his agenda is as close to an open border as any American president in history.

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