BREAKING: Biden BANS Christmas – Families Are Stunned

This isn’t a joke, this is an official announcement from the president of the United States of America: Unvaxxed people can’t celebrate the holidays with their family.

“I know some Americans are wondering if you can safely celebrate the holidays with family and friends,” Biden slurred. “The answer is, yes you can, if you and those who celebrate with you are vaccinated.”

Weird, considering a year ago Biden promised to eliminate the virus as safely and swiftly as possible.

It hasn’t happened.

Instead, he recently reminded people you are NOT safe even if you have both doses. According to him, you must be booster vaccinated as well.

“People with booster shots are highly protected. Join them. Join us. I honest to God think it’s your patriotic duty. You may think you’re only putting yourself at risk, but it’s your choice, your choice is not just a choice about you, it affects other people, you’re putting other people at risk.”

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