BREAKING: Biden Backs Down – Cognitive Test Bombshell

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden seems to be backing down as his campaign is hiding the results of a cognitive test that Biden claims he passed.

In an extremely rare press conference on Wednesday, Biden said, “I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested.”

The campaign has not commented on any tests Biden may have taken despite repeated inquiries from Breitbart News.

The bizarre behavior of Biden and his campaign’s attempts to limit his public appearances have led many to believe Biden’s mental faculties are declining.

President Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in 2018 and aced it, scoring 30 for 30 on the test. President Trump reportedly wants Biden to take that same test.

The lack of clarity about what Biden has actually done only suggests that the campaign has something to hide. A bad test that demonstrates Biden’s declining faculties could be devastating for his campaign.

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