BREAKING: Bernie’s Secret EXPOSED – Medical Records Show…

The secret of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was just exposed on national television. It is about his medical records, and even MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is after Sanders over it.

Sanders, who is a major contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, made a promise last year that he would eventually release his full medical records, but he has now flip-flopped.

Todd asked Sanders about this promise, however, Sanders dodged the question more than once. He said that his campaign has “released as much documentation I think as any other candidate.”

In response, Todd mentioned Sanders’ recent heart attack — something no other candidate has suffered during this election cycle. Sanders countered, “You can start releasing medical records and it never ends.”

The Vermont senator also said that the “substantive” parts of his records have been released and doctors have declared him healthy, however, it was obvious that he was sidestepping the issue.

Considering his heart attack and being nearly 80-years-old, Americans of all political stripes should be demanding that Sanders release more than just some doctors’ notes.

See the full story here.

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