BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Is OUT – He’s Finished

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) experienced one of his biggest defeats when Republicans, with the help of seven Democrats and an independent, threw out his $15 minimum wage hike.

Notable Democrat Senators like Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Independent Angus King (I-ME) joined with all 50 Republicans to send Sanders packing. When businesses are struggling, the last thing they need is a major minimum wage hike.

Despite the major defeat, Sanders seems confident in future success. Sanders said, “If any senator believes this is the last time they will cast a vote on whether or not to give a raise to 32 million Americans, they are sorely mistaken. We’re going to keep bringing it up, and we’re going to get it done because it is what the American people demand and need.”

It was worth considering that the seven Democrats voted down Sander’s measure not because they fundamentally rejected the minimum wage hike. Sander’s measure would have overruled the Senate Parlimentarian, something not all Democrats were comfortable with.

This defeat goes beyond Senator Sanders; it also represents a major defeat for President Biden, who vowed to raise the minimum wage as quickly as possible if he took office.

The clock is ticking, and Democrats only have so much time before they are sucked back onto the campaign trail. The 2022 midterm elections aren’t looking good, and failures like this will not help Democrats on election day.

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7 Responses

  1. A wage hike will affect every day’s cost of living! and will affect more the poor and the unemployed! when their costs of simple food will increase substantially!!!It will not affect those who are the targets of envy and the targets of these measures! The dems really think that Americans are stupid! by obliterating the consequences of what seems to be a positive gesture!!!!

  2. Gonna be a long time Bernie. Not sure how much time you have left. You cannot be thinking logically about this. More people would be fired and homeless and those left would be worked past endurance. I agree with Raoul.

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