BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Gets Bad News – It’s Not Happening

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) just received terrible news. It isn’t happening after all and the self-described “democratic socialist” is crushed.

“I don’t think we should compromise on the far-left agenda that Bernie and others are pushing,” said Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) after being resoundingly reelected in Maine — even though millions of dollars were spent to defeat her.

“I think one of the messages that voters sent was they are rejecting that far-left agenda, which includes packing the Supreme Court, defunding our police officers, and also ending the filibuster,” Collins continued.

She also singled out “Medicare for All,” which has been championed by Sanders, as unworkable. In fact, she said it “would decrease the quality and accessibility of health care in this country, cause many of our rural hospitals to close.”

Collins is right: Voters sent a message. While the verdict on the presidential race is yet to be determined, Republicans flipped several seats in the House and are poised to maintain their majority in the Senate.

This is far from an endorsement of Sanders’ socialist ideas. Contrary to his delusions, most Americans aren’t on board with fundamentally transforming the greatest economic powerhouse in the world into a Marxist hellhole.

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