BREAKING: Bernie Sanders DEATH Announcement… [DEVELOPING]

A stunning announcement is spreading like wildfire nationwide about Senator Bernie Sanders. It is a developing story, but the details that have already been uncovered have shocked millions.

At a recent campaign rally, cheers rang out from Sanders supporters after it was announced that billionaire businessman David Koch — who dedicated millions to conservatives causes — had passed away.

The announcement came from the rally’s MC. “Yesterday, oligarch David Koch passed away, and we’re going to be dealing with his, uh… we’re going to be dealing with pollution and the radicalization of his politics,” he said.

To Sanders’ credit, however, he can be seen motioning for the crowd to calm down as they began to cheer. He also that applauding death is wrong. “I don’t applaud the death of somebody. We needn’t do that,” Sanders said.

It was a bold step for him to directly chide his own audience, for sure. Like all lemmings, they appeared to settle down — at least for the time being. But the bloodthirstiness of the radical left cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, even though Sanders did the right thing this time, he is not off the hook; Extremists follow him for a reason. And it’s because he has a history of supporting Marxist dictators, like Venezuala’s current leader Nicolas Maduro.

See the full story here.

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