BREAKING: Ben Shapiro LEAVING – Conservatives Stunned

Conservative author, speaker and podcaster Ben Shapiro wrote this week that he, his family and his media company with 75 employees would be leaving the state of California where they are currently located because of the state’s rapid deterioration.

Shapiro noted that “outmigration” had increased 38.5% in the last year because of high taxes, police defunding, and laws that allow the homeless to encamp in suburban areas.

“My children have personally witnessed drug use, public urination and public nudity,” Shapiro lamented, referring to his three children under the age of 8.

He also noted that despite massive failures with education and unions, the state is still run by Democrats with no hope of change.

Since it has become “impossible” for his kids to grow up safe in California, he said, he has to leave the state.

Read the full story here.

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