BREAKING: Barr Resignation Alert – Media Stunned

An MSNBC contributor is apparently so upset about what he thinks is Attorney General William Barr taking marching orders from President Donald Trump that he wants 2,000 more federal prosecutors to resign and take to the streets in protest.

Elie Mystal called Barr’s actions in reducing the sentence of Trump associate Roger Stone “immoral, illegal, and unjust” on the network on Saturday, even though there’s no proof Barr took any direction or orders from Trump about what he did.

Mystal is jumping on the Democrat bandwagon to condemn Barr, because why not? If they make enough accusations and attack Trump and his administration enough, something is bound to stick. Right?

“We need them to say enough is enough, and we need them to resign,” Mystal said of the federal prosecutors. “We need protests in the streets. We need to do all that we have left to do, which is to shout and scream and shake our fists against the dying of the light.”

Mystal had previously called for people to show up to billionaire Trump supporter Stephen Ross’s home with “pitchforks and torches,” which shows you how much of an extremist nut he is.

Read the full story here.

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