BREAKING: Barack Obama STABBED In The Back – America In Shock

Former President Barack Obama was just stabbed in the back. Millions of Americans are in complete shock — Democrats are at war with each other.

“We didn’t adequately explain what we had done,” referring to the 2009 stimulus package. “Barack was so modest, he didn’t want to take, as he said, a ‘victory lap.'” Well, maybe it’s because the stimulus was a joke.

Called the American Recovery of Reinvestment Act, liberals economists have claimed it “literally saved American from a depression,” according to Biden. But there really isn’t any data to adequately back this up.

Yet, somehow, Biden thought Obama’s “humility” on the matter cost them politically. It is an odd criticism coming from Biden, considering the “bromance” the two leaders have supposedly had for years.

Biden is also making a telling political statement, perhaps without knowing it. He is saying that politics needs more pride, hubris, and grandstanding. But this has always been Biden — a bunch of hot air for over 40 years.

Now, Biden is pushing for a $1.9 trillion stimulus package loaded with pork-barrel spending that has nothing to do with the coronavirus — unlike the bill Trump supported, which was targeted relief. Democrats think we are stupid.

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8 Responses

      1. using the N word makes your Ignorance shine like a 1000 watt light bulb in the middle of the night and shows you’re a disgusting low life piece of human trash,crawl back in the sewer you crawled out of

  1. The Republicans must stick together and fight Biden on some of these issues or we will lose our precious America and even President Trump won’t be able to
    fix it in 4 years! These Governors need to open up our states that there can be festivals and concerts and fairs so that these people can go back to work.

    Wake up People! We want our America to be America and not Communist China! (Donna)

  2. We are inviting WW111 as long as we take & take their $hit.
    The insane a$$holes will kill America in the 1st year of their stolen “win”. People who care for America, republican, democrats, every one must get up and take back our country. I can’t do much due to age. Where are the younger ones, healthy & fit, you need to care as strongly as the A$$HOLES AND give more than you get. Best them them at their every move. God bless

    1. I agree, the military supposedly has plenty of evidence and other proof election fraud took place and the Biden administration is illegal, yet they do nothing when they can act under the constitution they swore an oath to. A civil war is brewing as long as Biden administration occupies the executive branch. The courts and the military can prevent it, but I don’t see them doing that.

  3. I’m not shocked I’m happy that the democrats are fighting each. They are causing their fellow citizens pain by their actions or inactions, so they need to suffer too.

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