BREAKING: Barack Obama Just Got What He Deserves

Whether former President Barack Obama was referring to his wife Michelle or Hillary Clinton jumping into the 2020 presidential race, or to one of the existing female candidates, he has gotten a lot of flack on Twitter for saying in a speech in Singapore that women make better leaders than “old, white men.”

Twitter users were quick to point out that he couldn’t have held this viewpoint in 2008 when he defeated Hillary Clinton in the primary process and went on to win two terms as president.

“Pity he didn’t realize this when running against one, eh?” Helena Handbasket responded.

“Yet defeated Hillary. If he really believed that why didnt he step down and let her be the Democratic nominee?” another Twitter user wrote.

Obama has made a pretense of staying out of the 2020 Democrat presidential primaries, but has periodically made comments that have influenced the race to a degree.

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