Former Vice President Joe Biden was just completely humiliated on national television. Not only is he falling out of favor with Democrats, but he has yet another problem hanging over his head: Barack Obama.

Jason Chaffetz noted on Fox News that it’s “increasingly embarrassing that Barack Obama has not endorsed the vice president.” Chaffetz, a former congressman from Utah, makes a valid point.

Why hasn’t former President Barack Obama endorsed Biden? Is he embarrassed by him? Does he have another candidate in mind? For all the talk about a “bromance” between the two, it feels incredibly cold at the moment.

For eight years, Barack Obama told us the best person to serve this country if something, heaven forbid, was to happen to him would be Joe Biden,” Chaffetz continued. “But, it is crickets. He has no support from Barack Obama.”

Chaffetz went on to point out that this scenario is bad news for Biden, especially his “long-term” viability as a Democratic candidate. It could even be possible that Obama hopes Biden will drop out.

Certainly, should Obama choose to endorse, it would carry a lot of weight with Democrat voters who inexplicably consider him a political god. But the chance of Biden getting this support is closing quickly.

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