BREAKING: Barack Obama Gets The News – He’s Panicking

Fox Business Network’s Charles Gasparnino told Tucker Carlson on Thursday night’s show that former President Barack Obama is panicking over the prospect of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) getting the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

President Obama believes that Bernie Sanders is both unelectable in the general election and he is a bridge too far,” Gasparino told Carlson, noting that Sanders’ espoused platform of socialized health care and education go far beyond Obama’s policy decisions and choices.

Many of the Democrats Gasparino cited have spoken directly with Obama–they work on Wall Street and don’t support the socialism Sanders espouses.

Gasparino characterized the conflict within the Democrat Party as a burgeoning “civil war,” but noted that Obama may not take any action to help fix the conflict or to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination if that’s what voters choose.

African-American Democrats are currently more moderate overall than young, unmarried white Democrats, Gasparino said.

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