BREAKING: Barack Obama Confirms Rumors – Worst Fear Is True…

Former President Barack Obama just confirmed the rumors. His worst fear has come true — and he revealed it on national television this week.

During an interview on The Late Show, he told a fawning Stephen Colbert that President Donald Trump “exceeded” his worst concerns and even accused Trump of a “shambolic” response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Colbert set the narrative. Following Trump’s victory in 2016, Colbert claimed to have worried about all the ways Trump could abuse “the dignity of the office” and asked Obama if he felt the same way.

“Yeah. Yeah, it was a concern,” Obama responded. Colbert then asked Obama if his concerns were “borne out,” and Obama answered that they were “exceeded.” The interview is truly diabolical.

It is clear that after four years of remaining virtually quiet, Obama has relished a return to the spotlight this year — especially his role of attacking the sitting president. He has broken all norms.

In fact, one could easily argue that Obama has never stopped trying to divide our country, while Trump worked tirelessly to unite as many Americans as possible, regardless of beliefs, to put “America First” for the first time since Ronald Regan’s presidency.

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