BREAKING: Barack Obama Confirms Rumors – Voters Stunned…

Former President Barack Obama is speaking up about his thoughts on Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Barack Obama said he is cautious about arming and training Ukraine out of concern that Russia would invade further.

“Obama dismissed questions about whether he regretted not doing more to defend Ukraine, as the late Sen. John McCain urged his administration to do, when Putin was moving into eastern parts of Ukraine,” reports Breitbart.

“I actually don’t because the circumstances were different,” Obama replied.

“Obama said arming and training Ukrainians at that time could have triggered Russia to invade further,” reports Breitbart.

“We were also concerned about making sure that we did not give an excuse for a further incursion, and a lot of the arguments back then had to do with arming Ukraine which in turn could have provided those kinds of excuses and you had issues of training,” Obama said.

“Obama provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine but resisted sending arms such as anti-tank Javelins and other weapons,” reports Breitbart News.

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