BREAKING: Barack Obama Caught – Photo Evidence Stuns…

Former President Barack Obama was just caught red-handed. The photographic evidence has rocked America to the core. This is yet another confirmation that we are blessed to be free of the Obamas.

While the nation is in various stages of lockdown over the COVID-19 crisis, former First Lady Michelle Obama decided she should lecture Americans about staying home — but her husband was doing the opposite.

“Michelle Obama recorded a message for Washington, DC, residents, urging Americans to stay home, even though her husband went golfing in Virginia two days earlier,” reported Breitbart News this week.

You heard that right: While Michelle Obama was sending out a message to DC residents to stay home due to the coronavirus, her husband, former President Barack Obama, was out golfing at a fancy club.

According to Breitbart, Obama “is a member of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia, where some golf courses remain open, despite Maryland and Washington, DC, closing off their facilities.”

It is a tale of two Americas — one for the elite, and one for the rest of us. The former first lady is telling Americans to stay home, while the former president is playing golf with his rich buddies. That is tone-deaf and wrong.

Read the full story here.

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