BREAKING: Barack Obama Caught In Scandal – They Finally Caught Him

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) called out former President Barack Obama’s administration amid a scandal surrounding former President Trump’s surveillance of House Democrats.

Representative Mace pointed out that while what Trump did may be wrong, Democrats are not innocent in this manner. She then pointed out the abuses that the Obama administration perpetrated against journalists and organizations like Fox News.

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Representative Mace said, “They’re both wrong, right? And Democrats would have more credibility on this issue — they’re raging on Twitter right now, but they’d have more credibility on this issue if they didn’t abuse their own surveillance powers to go after Fox News and the Associated Press. And you’re right, it was Obama’s Department of Justice that went after journalists, right?”

Democrats were in power for eight years, and there were a plethora of unethical abuses that they were never held accountable for. Democrats jumping on Trump for doing something they are likely doing right now is ironic.

Representative Mace is right to say that Democrats have no credibility on the matter. At the same time, it is worth spending time ensuring that no President can abuse the power of our intelligence agencies.

Democrats are fixating on Trump’s alleged abuses when the productive thing to do would be crafting legislation to prevent it from happening again. Of course, that would stop them from abusing the power they hold, and that is something Democrats would never do.

Read the full story here.

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