BREAKING: Barack Obama BOMBSHELL – He’s Coming Back

A bombshell just dropped about former President Barack Obama. He is coming back and millions of Americans are completely stunned.

According to Breitbart News, there are “six disastrous Obama-era foreign policies set to return” under Joe Biden’s hypothetical presidency. Truly, he is set to symbolize Obama’s third term in the White House.

If Biden is sworn-in as president, we can expect our nation to return to the Iran nuclear deal, rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, and refund the World Health Organization. But that’s only the first three agenda items.

The remaining three would be just as terrible: reversing President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, rejoining the hypocritical U.N. Human Rights Council, restoring friendly trade and political ties with China.

In reality, Biden’s foreign policy could end up being even worse than Obama’s — if Obama’s former secretary of defense, Robert Gates, is to be trusted in this scathing observation.

Gates said that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security decision over the past four decades.” Gates also has a little more credible here because he left the administration in 2011.

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