BREAKING: Banned Doctor Speaks Out – COVID Isn’t…

A California doctor whose video about coronavirus and ending lockdowns was banned by YouTube appeared on Fox News on Saturday to discuss the video’s ban and his viewpoints on virus shutdowns.

Dr. Dan Erickson pointed to Sweden as a model for handling the virus without lockdowns. “When I look at their numbers compared to ours and compared to the United Kingdom, I think they’re doing quite well,” Erickson said.

Erickson pointed to the “collateral damage” from COVID–depression, suicides and more–and asked, “Is the collateral damage outweighing the virus itself?’And the damage that is causing to the medical field?”

Erickson also pointed out that socia media censorship was being pushed by the likes of George Soros, who said in February that Mark Zuckerberg should give control of Facebook over to the government.

“Well, YouTube, you’re going to be next. Soros will say that you should no longer have control, and government should have control of Facebook, according to George Soros,” Erickson said.

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