BREAKING: Bad Diagnosis For Nancy Pelosi [Full Report Here]

Even her own team knows that Nancy Pelosi’s days as the House Majority Leader are numbered.

Democrats have admitted that “it would be difficult to envision a trickier – or more perilous – political environment 168 days before a midterm election than now.”

The story was first reported by Punchbowl News.

“There’s a reason that 30-plus House Democrats are retiring or have already left office this cycle, compared to only half as many Republicans.”

Of course, liberals aren’t willing to accept that their handling of issues is what we’re fired up about. We understand that there are going to be difficult decisions to be made. But lately, liberals have been the wrong decision every. Single. Time.

Instead they just say the issues are out of control.

Baby formula shortage, gas prices, inflation, stock market losses in recent days, COVID, the southern border…

Liberals are refusing to take responsibility for ANY of it.

Instead they say that nobody could have seen these issues coming or prevented them.

It simply isn’t true.

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