BREAKING: Attorney General Nabs Joe Biden – It’s Over

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said this week that a number of state attorneys general may take action against President Joe Biden’s decision to halt construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“President Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone pipeline is canceling jobs, it’s canceling energy independence, it’s canceling money in Americans’ pocketbooks,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge and 13 other attorneys general have already sent a letter to Biden stating that his decision would cause “devastating damage” to communities in their states and urging him to reconsider his decision.

Canceling the pipeline threatens American energy independence as well as thousands of U.S. jobs, Rutledge and her fellow state executives said.

Rutledge was also critical of climate czar John Kerry and others who supported the Green New Deal without being specific about its costs and the jobs it will provide.

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29 Responses

  1. Biden had been a disastrous president, he has cost the USA aconomy thousands of good paying jobs, energy independence and has opened our border for criminals as well as exposed our society to more virus exposure.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Biden and the Democrats, would just for once put the American People first? Instead of wanting to destroy the USA, by caring more about bringing the illegals across the boarder.

  2. Biden has been a disaster from the beginning. It’s awful and I feel terrible about it. He is a disaster.

  3. Obama pulling the strings Joe Biden just wants to help China Russia and Iran communists all of them take back America

  4. How come as the song goes…. the good die young. Aren’t Pelosi Schumer and Biden eligible for coronary events?

    1. Joe biden is a Waterhead Retard” you can look at his eyes and can tell he don’t have all his marbles anymore”’ Half the time he don’t vknow where he is at or what day it is” He is a puppet for the radicals and for the ”’BKENYAN SLIMEBAG BUNMMER”’ but je will not succeed”’ ””””””’REMEMBERR GOD DON’T LIKEE UGLY””””””’ ””””Remember the bubble lip Cummings ,, he was so against our President and the Devil took him and his buddy John Lewis in a blink of n eye these two slime bags where 6 foot under”’ Karma tried to warn the one when he fell the first time”’hahh”’ so see how karma warned the Mormon Romney too”’ he keep it up it will get worse with him.. Karma always comes around and get them”””””””””””””””””’

  5. Don’t want any of them dead…………..but DO want them out of office! A couple more months with Biden in the drivers seat we are not gonna be a United States. I think others in his party is starting to see is as well, Ya’ll hurry up and get them out !!!! Put in those that are willing make America solid again !!! We the People are at a point where we ,nor Democrats, can’t take much more of this……and sooner or later, no telling what is gonna become of what is left of our beautiful country.,

  6. I do not know who is calling the shots in the Biden administration, but it sure is NOT good for America. He needs to be impeached.

  7. King Joe is intentionally destroying America. In a recent speech he said to Mexico’s President Obrador that we are all equal. He must destroy America to accomplish equality with other nations. King Joe also said in another recent speech that “America First” is over with, signaling the capitulation of America to the world.

  8. Obama got rid of any military generals who opposed him. Packed the pentagon with lib cronies.brought the economy and job market down. Opened the borders to the world. Trump intervened when he beat the killery, The election was thrown from within so a brain fried puppet could finish what Obama started. Looks like the new world order has us by the balls now. America as it stood will be no more.

  9. Between the two jerks we have holding important offices Biden and Nancy Pelosi I don’t know which is more anti American or a BIGGER LIAR or THIEF. With Biden’s promise of the $2000 payment then changed to $1400 we are still waiting for 31/2 months later, Pelosi luring about everything she talks to the press about. They are perfect examples of our justice system today. Sorry to say over 95% of attorneys today are (which most politicians were) are liars all they think of I’d money and themselves.

  10. The DNC is a criminal organization and every single DNC politician should be tried for treason! Soro is a drug dealer and accepting his money makes Democrats knowingly supporting the illegal drug trade!
    The DNC has rewritten the Constitution that they govern by and that is treason! The 2nd Amendment is part of the Constitution, and elected officials swore an oath to uphold the Constitution!

  11. Do The Powers that be really wish to go to war? Because we are on the verge of CWII and it isn’t a joke! Everyone knows that the DNC is not promoting the USA! Trying to work around the Constitution is the same thing as breaking your oath of office! You are either pro America or our enemy!

  12. Democrat politicians are blatantly trying to destroy our Homeland and WE THE PEOPLE will not sit idly by and watch, we will be forced to war!

  13. I suggest that every DNC politician resign peacefully and take that antiquated Biden and that Jamaican knob polisher with you! If you all resign we will stand down! Any other action will start CWII.

  14. Obama, Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kerry, Clinton, Wray, Comey, Baker, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Jarrett, Rice, Soros, Biden, Harris, should all peacefully surrender to law enforcement! Did you disgusting turds expect to escape the wrath of the People? Negro Please!

  15. You should all be ashamed of the way you behaved while working for the people, yes Quid pro Joe, you do work for taxpayers, well, you did!

  16. I hope all African Americans understand the severity of the situation! If we are forced to defend our homeland, we will reinstate slavery after the war!

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