BREAKING: Attack On Joe Biden Stuns White House – Democrats Are…

Elements on the left have joined conservatives in their strong objections to executive actions by President Joe Biden to eliminate gender distinctions in regards to bathroom use, sports, and other protections enjoyed by women at the federal level.

Women’s groups including Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) have been unhappy with the moves by the Biden administration, pointing out in particular the unfairness of having transgender women, who retain elements of their biological male physiology like muscle mass, compete in women’s sports.

The groups have begun using the hashtag #BidenErasedWomen, and WoLF called the actions an “unprecedented attack on women’s rights and liberty for everybody.”

A UK-based journalist called Biden’s actions a “war on women,” while others on the left are praising the new administration’s apparent sensitivity to transgender people and others in the LGBTQ community who benefit from the new rules on gender.

“Biden’s woke rampage in the federal government won’t last, because it cannot last if our constitution means anything,” gay writer Andrew Sullivan wrote. “So let the lawsuits commence as Biden alienates and inflames his moderate supporters and snubs practices that most Americans take as common sense.”

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