BREAKING: Atomic Bomb Warning – China About To…

The w0rld is completely stunned. A warning was just issued about an atomic bomb, and China is connected to it. People are now asking questions and wondering what will happen next. This is unreal.

One of the Chinese government’s propaganda outlets, the Global Times, attempted to paint the United States as having a “human rights” problem and suggested that President Donald Trump may “drop an atomic bomb” on rioters.

“How ruthless these U.S. politicians are!” said the tabloid. “The U.S. unrest just began a few days ago, but police already fired shots at protesters before efforts for peaceful dialogue were even made.”

The attack piece also accused the U.S. of talking “about humanity, justice, and morality all the time” and not following through. Laughably, the same article claimed China — of all nations — is better on human rights.

Even more recently, the Chinese government has considered legislation that would crack down on the freedoms of Hong Kong residents — even though Hong Kong is supposed to be largely a sovereign jurisdiction.

But China’s leaders cannot afford to bully the United States or other nations any longer. The political tide has shifted, especially after the Wuhan coronavirus broke out and China allegedly tried to cover it up.

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