It wasn’t so long ago that President Donald Trump declared his intentions to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, and that group of violent anarcho-communists just did something that if done by any other foreign group or nation would be deemed an act of war.

Breitbart reported that Antifa, in a coalition with several other leftist groups and Black Lives Matter, have seized a six-block section of downtown Seattle and declared it to be a sovereign “autonomous zone” no longer under the jurisdiction of Washington state or the United States of America.

Upping the ante is the fact that evidence has now emerged confirming that armed leftists have responded to calls for assistance from the autonomous zone and are providing “security” for those attempting to develop a commune in the area.

Some of those armed individuals are reportedly members of a left-libertarian-leaning group known as The Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, which is loosely affiliated with their ideological brethren in Antifa and other like-minded organizations.

The main concern now is whether those armed individuals conducting “safety patrols” of the autonomous zone will present a danger to anybody inside the area or use their weapons violently to ward off efforts by the police or military to rightly reclaim the zone.

You can read the full story right here.

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