BREAKING: Assassination Plot Exposed – America Is…

A shocking assassination plot may have just been exposed, but there are already conflicting reports. America is stunned and people across the country are debating the implications.

“All the statements that were issued do not concern us at all, and do not bother us,” said Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, referring to a claim in Bob Woodward’s book that Trump wanted to assassinate Assad.

“We do not feel them,” continued Assad. “This is an American speech to the Americans.” He also used the moment to attack U.S. foreign policy, which shouldn’t be surprising coming from a Middle East dictator.

Of course, Trump has heavily disputed the accusation in Woodward’s book that he told then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis that he wanted to assassinate Assad and Mattis rejected the suggestion.

Trump called Woodward’s claim “fiction” and said that the idea was “never contemplated,” setting up another clash between the president and the controversial author. This time, though, an even bigger problem emerged.

Woodward publishing this claim in his book has now resulted in a potential geopolitical nightmare. While he certainly has the right to free speech, Woodward should have exercised way more discretion. National security was on the line.

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