BREAKING NEWS: Assassination Plan Discovered

For the last few decades, a new extremism has been on the rise. Like other forms of extremism in Western countries, it stems from the left’s misguided philosophy, in this case about the environment.

Eco-terrorists are becoming increasingly bold and violent, and they’ve found a new target: EPA head, Scott Pruit. Pruitt has received multiple death threats that may well be credible.

Due to his opinion about the role of the EPA, and some controversy about travel costs and personal expenditures, Pruitt has come under fire. Where’s the condemnation from the media, from Hollywood, from Democrats? I won’t hold my breath. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy hints at outside contender to replace Paul Ryan

Rep. Gowdy just reminded the GOP of a little-known fact about the position of Speaker of the House. The Speaker does not actually have to be in the House of Representatives.

It’s strange but true, although it’s certainly the norm for the Speaker to come from the House. As we know, Gowdy is not going to run for reelection, but as this rule states that doesn’t prevent him from being Speaker.

Stranger things have happened… (Read More…)

Hungary moves forward with legislation to ‘Stop Soros’

Hungary is a great country. Hungary’s president and its people recognize the threats of leftism and the EU’s ridiculous open-borders immigration policy.

This is why they’ve decided to enact legislation that puts an end to the damaging policies that George Soros is trying to enact with his private organizations. Soros wants the borders opened and for an unknown number of immigrants to be allowed to enter Hungary.

You can’t help but respect President Orban for taking a stand and holding firm. (Read More…)

Republican Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida will not run for another term

Rep. Dennis Ross’s announcement means that 28 Republicans in total have now decided not to run for reelection. Ross said that, like Speaker Ryan, he wants to spend more time with his wife and children.

No one could blame a man for wanting to spend more time with his children, but this trend is concerning. Midterms are always difficult for the party holding the White House, but all these resignations make the situation worse.

We can’t let all this progress be undone. (Read More…)

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