Breaking: ARRESTED For Rape – Pelosi Can’t Believe It

If you believe Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, illegal immigrants are all good people who are just trying to make a better life here in the states – even the criminal ones.

The truth is, that childish idea is not reflected in reality. Montgomery County, Maryland has released an illegal immigrant who was charged with child sexual abuse.

This illegal immigrant should never have been in the states in the first place, but because of Democrat policies he was able to be here and as a result, a child was sexually abused. That same man is walking free to abuse again.

Montgomery County releases illegal immigrants instead of turning them over to ICE, as they are a “sanctuary county.”

There have been multiple cases of sexual crimes being committed by illegal immigrants in Montgomery county and they still continue to release these criminals.

Of course, not all illegal immigrants are dangerous criminals, but some of them are. None of them are supposed to be here. This is a preventable crime. Their victims deserve better.

Read the full story here.

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