BREAKING: Arrest Announcement Stuns Nation – Donald Trump Did It

The Department of Justice with the support of President Trump has successfully arrested 600 MS-13 gang members.

A majority of MS-13 gang members arrested since the beginning of President Trump’s presidency have been illegal aliens. Thanks to President Trump’s law and order stance and in spite of the resistance of Democrats, America is a safer place.

MS-13 is an incredibly violent gang that originated in El Salvador and its members often kill in violent and brutal ways for sport.

Back in February of 2017, President Trump signed an executive order tasking federal law enforcement agencies to target transnational criminal organizations like MS-13.

Thanks to lax border enforcement and the leashing of immigration authorities prior to President Trump, MS-13 has a presence in more than half the states. As a result, horrific violence has afflicted people in all corners of the nation.

According to a report from the DOJ, “For decades, MS-13 thrived in the United States by taking advantage of weak immigration enforcement policies. MS-13 recruited and utilized foreign nationals, most often from Central America, who were in the United States illegally.” President Trump has brought change and with another four years, he can solidify those changes.

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