BREAKING: Arrest Announcement – Nancy Pelosi Was Just…

Nancy Pelosi was just confronted by ‘Angel Mom’ Agnes Gibboney about why her son wasn’t protected from being killed by an illegal immigrant. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been instrumental in blocking border wall construction that would increase border security.

Gibboney was protesting at Nancy Pelosi’s office with several other angel families Wednesday. Pelosi refused to acknowledge the protestors and turned them away without any further comment.

Gibboney pleaded with Pelosi “where is the protection?… Where is the sanctuary for my son?” She went on to say that Nancy Pelosi is breaking the oath she took when she came into office and “oughta be arrested.”

Angel families have been requesting meetings with Nancy Pelosi, but she has refused. Although the angel families were peacefully protesting, Pelosi’s office called Capitol Hill Police and installed them in the office until the families left.

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