BREAKING: Army Is Coming – Lockdown Is Now…

The Italian army will be used in Lombardy to enforce a lockdown intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus there.

Lombardy is the area of Italy where a large number of new cases continues to occur. The region also has the highest death rate in the country.

President Attilio Fontana said he hoped the 114 soldiers that will be on the ground in the region will bring more compliance with lockdown orders that have so far not stopped the spread of the virus as much as officials had hoped.

“Unfortunately we are not seeing a change of trend in the numbers, which are rising,” Fontana said. He also asked the government to institute tighter restrictions including closure of all non-essential businesses and a ban on public gatherings.

The country has a much higher death rate than other European countries, and some hospitals are overwhelmed with so many patients that they can’t treat them all.

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