The news just dropped about a vote reversal in Arizona and the White House is shocked. Millions of Americans are now demanding answers. This presidential race is far from over, folks.

“A data error in Arizona’s vote count percentage made it appear a higher percentage of the vote had been counted Wednesday morning,” reported Breitbart News. The error said that “86 percent of ballots have been counted, not 98 percent.”

Thankfully, the error was corrected. As it currently stands, however, 90% of voting precincts have reported and Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by a little over 100,000 votes — which isn’t surmountable given the votes left to be counted.

Furthermore, as reports have rolled in about other alleged voting irregularities, the Trump campaign has taken action to ensure that every legal vote is counted and states following their own laws regarding deadlines.

The Supreme Court has even had to get involved already. Justice Samuel Alito has “ordered election officials across Pennsylvania to segregate mail-in ballots received after Election Day,” reported the New York Post.

Presumably, this will allow election officials and both campaigns to scrutinize the votes for legitimacy. It is time to strap in for the long haul. Bush v Gore in 2000 wasn’t formally decided until December and it could take that long again.

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